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Your On Camera Skills: Experience is Required

By February 14, 2017March 14th, 2017Uncategorized

Your On Camera Skills: Experience is Required

Video is everywhere. From corporate websites, social media and YouTube channels to webinars, virtual meetings and job interviews, having a great on-camera presence is a must for today’s business professionals.

Cameras are everywhere, too. Home or office, you can’t go too far without the possibility of having your every move captured. It’s a reality of today’s world and one that we all should take into account:

  • What does your on-camera presence say about you/your brand?
  • How do you know if your message is being seen and heard as intended?
  • How loudly is your body language speaking and do you even know (or like) what it is saying?

20 years in front of the camera

I’ve spent more than 20 years in front of the camera as a television news reporter, anchor, webcast moderator, professional spokesperson, and even as a commercial actress. (I still receive residuals, which cover the periodic Starbucks latte.) Since 2012, I’ve been sharing the secrets learned over two decades with others who find presenting on-camera to be an increasingly important job requirement—nearly as essential as reading an Excel spreadsheet.

Not everyone is born with excellent screen presence. Not even me. I had fantastic teachers, accomplished role models, and patient news directors who were willing to watch me fail in the short-term, betting on long-term success. Fortunately, being great in front of the lens is a skill that can be learned, practiced, and mastered.

How important is on-camera presence?

The 1960 presidential campaign provides a classic example. Those listening by radio gave Richard Nixon credit for winning the debate, while those watching on television favored the more photogenic and comfortable-in-his-own-skin John F. Kennedy. Many credit this disjoint between what was seen and what was heard as being instrumental in the outcome of the election, won by Kennedy.

While it’s true that not many of us have the fate of the free world hinging on how we perform on camera, there can still be some pretty high stakes to looking and sounding great in front of the lens.

  • Corporate videos in which you communicate critical information to employees.
  • Promotional messaging designed to enhance your business and brand.
  • Leading meetings and building consensus and buy-in.
  • Presenting important topics in compelling and persuasive ways.
  • Demonstrating a product or service in ways that are informative or even entertaining.
  • Making a sales pitch by Skype to an important client.
  • Making a positive first impression in a job interview conducted by video conference.

I could go on, but you probably get the picture (pun intended). Having a positive on-camera presence is a requisite for today’s business leaders and up-and-coming professionals. Chances are, if not today or tomorrow, eventually you will need to get in front of the camera.

At Speaker Dynamics, as your personal on-camera coach, I provide the guidance, tools, and insider knowledge you need to ace your on-camera appearances every time. Mastering the art of delivering your message on-camera clearly, effectively, and with confidence just might make all the difference between professional success and failure.

Contact me today for a free consultation to explore how Speaker Dynamics can help you build your on-camera skills. Also, look for my book, On-Camera Coach, out March 27 from Wiley, It provides insight and practical tools for appearing confident, authentic, and compelling on camera—from preparation through presentation and beyond.