Virtual Readiness: Preparing for On-Camera Meetings

Understanding virtual meeting etiquette has become a core competency for anyone participating in on-camera meetings. But those who know how to fully embrace this method of communicating will see their stock rise. At Speaker Dynamics, we focus on understanding your goals and challenges in the age of video calls and virtual meetings and help you leverage this powerful tool to move your business forward.

Virtual Meetings are the New Normal

The dramatic shift from in-person communication to virtual meetings was abrupt and overwhelming, to say the least. Many business professionals never received proper training for speaking on camera, let alone communicating day-to-day tasks in a virtual environment. Let us help you communicate like a pro in front of the webcam.

Must-Know Statistics about Virtual Meetings

Nobody expected a global pandemic to redefine our work structure and communication style. Today, virtual meetings have become an indispensable part of our professional life. According to Forbes, as of 2021:

In 2020, enterprises predicted significant growth in online video traffic. Within a year, we’ve transitioned from in-person communication to a hybrid model, if not 100% remote communication. Suddenly, anyone in the workforce would likely benefit from learning virtual meeting etiquette to stay relevant and competitive in today’s landscape.
In the recent past, on-camera performance was mostly discussed within the context of video marketing campaigns. Today, knowing how to communicate effectively in front of a webcam has become an essential skill for nearly everyone. Virtual meetings have become and will continue to be part of our communication DNA.

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“75% of CEOs agreed that video conferencing would completely replace audio-only calls”

The Benefits of Video Calls

While it may be challenging to transition to video-centric communication, virtual meetings using video bring more benefits than obstacles.

For companies, video conferencing significantly reduces time spent on a project, thus saving 15-30% of the total project cost. On average, companies save $11,000 annually per employee by adopting video communication (Wainhouse).

For individuals, virtual meetings have reduced business travel needs by 47% (Lifesize), giving employees more time to focus on their life, family, and friends. As a result, employees can save between $2,000 and $7,000 each year with virtual meeting platforms (Wainhouse).

Meanwhile, video conferencing platforms are launching new integrations and features every day, getting us closer to the point where our video communication environment nearly matches our in-office experience.

Now is the time to make virtual meeting etiquette a priority and learn how to communicate authentically through the camera.

The Speaker Dynamics Approach

You may wonder: what makes the Speaker Dynamics approach to on-camera communication training different? Our Emmy award-winning team has decades of experience in front of the cameras of national and local newsrooms. We’ve translated this experience into a career’s worth of best practices.

No matter your role, Speaker Dynamics can help you gain confidence on-camera and effectively communicate through video. Our services Include:


The Three Pillars to Virtual Meeting Success

A camera changes everything – but ideally, it shouldn’t change you. We move differently when we know we’re being recorded. We behave differently when we are aware that we are on camera.
At Speaker Dynamics, virtual meeting success is much more than just knowing the right virtual meeting etiquette. It is more than what you wear and what you have in your background. It is about helping you overcome the barriers to your communication effectiveness on camera and allowing you to discover how to be authentic through the lens of a camera.
We lead you to virtual meeting success by starting with the MVPs of On-Camera Success:

Mental Mindset,
Vocal Variety,
Physical Factors
How you
"show up"
on a webcam
Strategies for
keeping your audience
tuned-in rather than
tuned out

Dominate Virtual Meetings

When you’re ready to present your best self on camera, our team is here to lead you toward that goal.

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By Karin M. Reed and Joseph A. Allen, PhD

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