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Video Scripting: The Rule of Three

By March 2, 2020Blog

It’s time to tackle organizing for the ear.

Many of us tend to cram as much information as possible into any presentation.  You want to make sure the audience really gets their money’s worth.  However, that approach can backfire big time — especially on camera.

Your audience can only digest so much information.  It’s like trying to drink from a fire hose.  Your thirst is not going to be quenched.

A good rule to follow is the rule of three.

Humans process information in patterns.  What’s the smallest number to create a pattern? Three. Pattern plus brevity equals memorable content.

The rule of three has countless examples- I came. I saw. I conquered. Blood, sweat and tears. Location, location, location.

If you tell them three things and repeat them at the end, they will be much more likely to remember them.

So, challenge yourself to organize your content like this:

Come up with the one thing you’d like your audience to remember above anything else.  That’s your key takeaway. And then identify three points that support that key takeaway.

Watch this video with Karin Reed to hear her example of organizing content with the rule of three.

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