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Summer Video Tip: Why you need to turn your webcam ON

By September 4, 2019Blog

This week’s tip is all about why you should create a “webcam on” culture at your organization. Here are the reasons why you should turn those webcams on during 1:1s and group meetings:

• People pay better attention. Research has shown that when people are on a video call vs. an audio-only call, they are much better engaged with the content and discussion. That makes for more productive meetings and often shorter ones.

• People are accountable. The lens holds them accountable for multitasking. When people are on an audio-only call, they are likely half-listening to the meeting and doing other tasks like checking email (or even ordering a latte!).

• People are non-verbal. Fifty-five percent of how we communicate comes from our body language. When we are doing an audio-only call, all those visual cues are silent and non-existent.

In order to harness the value of video across the corporate enterprise, strive to create a “webcam on” culture. It’ll benefit your organization internally and allow you to better connect with your clients and customers.

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