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EP03: Protecting your Face – Prepping for Big Presentations

By February 9, 2024February 13th, 2024Podcast

“It was a career defining moment…but not in a good way.” Host Karin Reed shares her personal experience of a disastrous presentation and reveals the crucial lesson she learned: protecting your face is essential for a successful presentation.

As conference season approaches and listeners may be preparing for career-defining opportunities, Karin shares her expertise to help you make the most of these big moments. She introduces a powerful metric: for every minute of presentation, dedicate an hour to preparation. This may sound daunting, but it ensures you deliver your best performance and captivate your audience.

Karin delves into the critical step of analyzing your audience. She highlights the curse of knowledge, where we assume our audience knows what we know. By understanding your audience’s background, expertise, and blind spots, you can tailor your content to resonate with them, making it relevant and engaging.  To support listeners, Karin has created a bonus worksheet to help with audience analysis.  You can download this resource for free at

Karin also shares practical tips on presentation delivery. Whether you prefer a full script, bullet points, or a hybrid approach, she encourages finding a method that allows you to sound authentic and deliver your message with conviction. She also explores the importance of managing the presentation environment, from utilizing confidence monitors to controlling your content.

Protect your face by investing time in preparation, understanding your audience, and controlling the environment, you can ensure your career-defining moments are positive and impactful.