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How to Connect with your Audience On Camera

By November 5, 2019Blog

One of the biggest challenges when speaking via video is that you can’t see your audience. This makes it impossible to determine how your message is being received, or if it’s even being heard at all.

Overcoming that mental barrier is key to your success, and that’s why it’s critical that you understand the proper mental mindset for video success.

The first question you should ask yourself when talking to a camera is, “How many people are you talking to?”

The correct answer is one.

No matter how many people may be watching, they all need to feel like you are talking only to them. The conversation between you and your viewer is very intimate and should be more like talking to someone across the table than from up on stage or even in front of the room.  That key mental concept dictates everything you do.  You have to respect the closeness of the conversation and its boundaries.

So how do you get past that? Watch this video to get tips for how to visualize your viewer. Once you go through this exercise, your facial expressions and body language will automatically regain that authenticity that is often stripped when we speak via video.

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