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How Speaker Dynamics University Can Transform Your Video Communications Skills

By April 13, 2021June 30th, 2021Blog

Can you look back on the past year and count how many virtual meetings you’ve been a part of? The answer is probably no. Even though the world is slowly starting to open back up, the majority of meetings in the new normal are still being conducted virtually, and all indications are that virtual meetings will play a large role for the foreseeable future as most businesses adopt a hybrid work model.  While you may find yourself getting used to the virtual landscape, there’s always room for improvement – especially if you feel like you may not be putting your best foot, or in this case, face, forward on-camera.

Being a truly effective virtual communicator requires more than just a nice background and a ring light. While it’s relatively easy to create a visually-appealing space, your surroundings will only get you so many brownie points. What’s most important is the way you engage with the people you’re speaking with.

The reality is, speaking into a camera is totally different than speaking to someone face-to-face, and if you don’t understand the nuances of communicating through that little lens, you could find those webcam interactions frustrating and unfulfilling. The good news is there are many techniques that the Speaker Dynamics team has up our collective sleeves to help you turn your next virtual meeting into a more effective, authentic conversation.

For a decade, we’ve been teaching on-camera communication skills to people who never imagined they’d have to speak via video. Countless business professionals, entrepreneurs, healthcare providers and academics have learned how to improve their mental mindset, inject vocal variety into their delivery, and leverage the physical factors that come into play when your body speaks on camera.

And now YOU can learn too – simply by logging on to Speaker Dynamics University.

Our new online training platform, Speaker Dynamics University, has a variety of courses to help you improve your virtual presence and leverage virtual engagement during your meetings via webcam – covering all of the bases of being an effective on-camera communicator.

The MVPs of On-Camera Success: This course is core to the video communication curriculum at Speaker Dynamics – introducing you to techniques associated with the Mental Mindset, Vocal Variety and Physical Factors for on-camera success.  Then you will put your newly learned skills to the test through a series of interactive lessons, scenarios and missions.

Elevating Your Personal Production Value: How you “show up” on screen matters, whether you’re meeting with clients, prospects or even your teammates. This course will help you elevate your personal production value, teaching you the best tips and tricks for looking and sounding your best – like how to create a polished background, how to set up professional-looking lighting using what you already have on hand and determining the best camera position and framing that reflects the relationship you have with your viewer.

Tools of Engagement: One of the biggest challenges of any virtual meeting is holding the attention of your fellow attendees. To keep people tuned in rather than tuned out, you need an intentional approach – and it starts even before the meeting begins. This course will walk you through proven strategies that will keep your audience engaged from beginning to end – including how to set the engagement stage, how to build relationships virtually and how to use the tools of the platform to drive interaction.

If you are looking for ways to improve your virtual presence, master your on-camera communication and create virtual engagements that truly connect, visit Speaker Dynamics University to get started.