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EP07: Leadership Communication: A View from the C-Suite

By April 9, 2024Podcast

Jenn Chase, CMO at SAS, trades the ice rink for the boardroom as she opens up to Karin Reed on the Speaker Dynamics podcast about her unique path to leadership. Their discussion dives into the critical connection between leadership and communication, shedding light on how a leader’s message resonates within the confines of their team and echoes throughout the broader business landscape.

Jenn talks about SAS’s leading role in data and AI, stressing the key role communication plays in linking the company’s past achievements with its current projects and future goals. She discusses her twin responsibilities: boosting morale among her team and defining the company’s image to the outside world.

Reflecting on her time as a competitive figure skater, Jenn explains how lessons in performance, practice, and handling feedback have shaped her approach to communication. She highlights that thorough preparation for presentations is her strategy against feeling like an imposter.

In their conversation, Karin and Jenn touch on the challenge of breaking down complex ideas for diverse audiences and ensuring messages are accessible and engaging across different cultures. Jenn talks about the importance of feedback in creating an environment where honest critique is valued and used to improve communication skills.

The episode is particularly insightful for leaders who are reluctant to step into the spotlight. Jenn encourages them to see speaking opportunities as chances to share their unique insights and stories. She points out that being well-prepared is key to speaking confidently and effectively, offering practical advice for anyone looking to leave a mark through their communication.