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EP05: Communicating with Noble Purpose with Lisa Earle McLeod

By March 12, 2024Podcast

Imagine you are leading a team where every member is as passionate about the company’s impact as you are. Host Karin Reed discusses challenging traditional leadership narratives with guest Lisa Earle McLeod, a global expert on purpose-driven business and bestselling author of “Selling with Noble Purpose” and “Leading with Noble Purpose.” In this episode of Speaker Dynamics: Own the Room, they explore the transformative power of leading with a noble purpose, where Lisa talks about how important it is for leaders to tell “meaning stories” not just “money stories.” 

Lisa explains the concept of a noble purpose – a motivating factor for companies to enhance their customers’ lives beyond mere transactions. This episode peels back the layers on why focusing solely on metrics misses the mark if it doesn’t directly contribute to customer well-being.

Listeners will gain an insider’s look into how leaders can effectively embody and communicate this noble purpose by using real-life stories to incorporate a sense of empathy and passion within their teams. The discussion reveals how creating a narrative centered around the organization’s customer impact not only sets a company apart in the marketplace but also skyrockets employee engagement.

For anyone leading a team or looking to make a genuine difference through their work, this episode promises actionable strategies, invaluable insights, and a compelling reason to rethink what truly motivates us. Discover how to turn your organization’s focus outward, creating a culture where making money and making a difference go hand in hand.