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Elevating Your Presence in Virtual Meetings

By September 1, 2021Blog

Have you ever been in a meeting with several colleagues, and it’s seemed as though only two or three people were actually engaged in the conversation? This scenario is all too common in today’s virtual world. Zoom fatigue is real, but that doesn’t mean you should let it get the best of you. Your goal in every virtual meeting should be to be one of the engaged folks who is present and ready to learn something new, while in turn sharing your own unique perspective.  

Keep reading for some of our top suggestions for elevating your presence in virtual meetings.   

Turn Your Camera On 

You’ve likely heard this advice time and time again, but you should always be prepared to have your camera on. When your colleagues can see you, they truly see you as a more active participant… particularly if a handful of others on the call have their cameras turned off. Go the extra mile by paying attention to where your eyes are directed. You should try to maintain eye contact with the camera while speaking.  Lastly, it goes without saying that having your camera on should mean you look the part (even if it’s only the top half of you that has it together)! 

Use the Chat Feature 

If you’re not a presenter in a meeting, you can position yourself as an active participant by utilizing the chat feature. This is a great way to contribute your ideas and ask thought-provoking questions without interrupting the speaker. You can also use this feature when you are presenting to leave your audience with takeaways, provide helpful links and any other useful information.  

Elevate Your Personal Production Value 

How you show up matters when virtual matters. That’s why you need to attend to what we call your personal production value… the way you present yourself when the camera is on. Everything from how you frame yourself to how you design your space comes into play when you’re speaking on camera and influences how you are perceived and how well your message is communicated. In our Speaker Dynamics University course, we’ll dive deeper into how to elevate your personal production value and give you 7 fictional scenarios to really put your knowledge to the test!  

To learn more about elevating your presence on camera, visit our full library of Speaker Dynamics University courses, here.