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3 Tips for Self-recording on a Smartphone

By April 20, 2020April 27th, 2020Blog

The advent of the smartphone has created the democratization of video production. Practically everyone has access to a camera in the palms of their hands. But knowing how to use it well, especially in a professional setting, is not always a given.

For those who have grown up in the age of the smartphone, speaking to a screen may seem totally natural. After all, these digital natives have been using FaceTime and the like for the bulk of their lives. But chatting with a friend about weekend plans requires a different approach than shooting a video to send to a sales prospect.

Before you point and shoot, watch these three tips from Karin Reed to make sure the video shot on your smartphone is both polished and professional.

If you’re already comfortable doing a video call on your smartphone, that’s half the battle, but you need to translate those skills to the professional context.  Your friends won’t be assessing your professionalism on video when you’re video chatting about plans for dinner, but you can bet your professional peers and prospects will.

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