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New Year, New Name, reNewed Focus

By January 3, 2017March 2nd, 2017Uncategorized

New Year, New Name, reNewed Focus

One of the more joyful parts of my job as a communication coach involves working with startups. No one is more excited about his or her company than when it is in its infancy. It’s all big ideas and limitless potential. The adrenaline rush of building something great is infectious; I love being caught up in the wave of enthusiasm.

We were all startups once

In 2012, I was a startup too. I knew my skills, shaped in a broadcast journalism career, would be transferable, and I was eager to share. So I tried to share EVERYTHING under the umbrella of my newly minted company name: TriPoint Media LLC.

  • Video production? Check.
  • Media training? Check.
  • Presentation Training? Check.
  • And something new on the scene – On-Camera Performance Training for Business? Check.
  • And it worked. Clients came and told others. TriPoint Media grew without a whiff of marketing on my part.

But 2017 is a year of reflection, thanks to an unexpected milestone; I’ve written a book On-Camera Coach: Tools and Techniques for Business Professionals in a Video-Driven World through Wiley Publishing. It’s forced me to do some navel-gazing and more importantly evaluate what professional face I want to project to those who are new to me and my brand.

What is your secret sauce?

When I work with on messaging with a head of a startup, I counsel him or her to narrow the company’s focus by identifying its differentiators, its unique position in the marketplace.

When I identified my own “secret sauce,” what I discovered was at odds with my name.

TriPoint Media sounds like a production company, and when I first hung up my shingle, I thought maybe that’s what I would be. However, while I am quite adept at creating some pretty awesome videos, there are plenty of production companies that do outstanding work. Video production is their passion; they live and breathe it.

For me, helping someone conquer his or her fear of public speaking and actually develop into a compelling and confident orator is my passion. And it’s something I do supremely well, at least according to my clients who have spread the word about my services and allowed me to consistently grow my business over the last five years.

Does your name reflect your passion?

To have my name reflect my passion- TriPoint Media had to go.

My mission, my passion, my professional purpose is to help business executives speak with ease to any audience across any platform… public speaking made effortless, whether it’s to a camera, to an audience in the same room or through a virtual communication tool.

I love empowering my clients and validating their authentic voice. I love hearing how they wowed the room or how they now embrace any opportunity to speak publicly because they know they can do it well. I love helping clients find the dynamic speaker within.

So long, TriPoint Media. You’ve had a great run.

Hello Speaker Dynamics. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.