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How Video is Changing the World

By June 2, 2021Blog
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It’s safe to say that 2020 was truly the year of video and has forever changed the way we communicate and connect. It’s touched every aspect of our lives – from the products we buy after watching an unboxing video on YouTube to the virtual conferences we attend after seeing a clip of the featured keynote speaker.  That’s not even touching on the countless, daily video calls we have with our teammates or the casual catch ups we have over Zoom with friends and family.  During a year when face-to-face was not possible, video proved to be a viable alternative and allowed us to create a more inclusive and engaged community even at a distance.  

But as the pandemic starts to slowly relax its global grip, businesses are recognizing the benefits video can continue to bring and plan to keep leveraging it for the foreseeable future. With new video platforms and capabilities popping up practically every day, video certainly is changing the world. The question is – will your business change with it? 

Video Meetings Have Become the New Preference for Remote Workers 

After offices shut down and workers were sent home in March of 2020, video became critical connective tissue for communication, and its adoption made a lasting impression. In a recent survey by Gigaom, 87% of remote team members said that video calls make them feel more connected to their colleagues. When we put this number into perspective, the results aren’t too surprising. The emotional connection to a face is understandably stronger than to just a disembodied voice. Participants simply need to know how to unleash their virtual meeting confidence.  

But there’s an added bonus to virtual meetings. They tend to feel lighter, more flexible, and far more efficient. Because the vast majority of virtual meeting platforms can be integrated with other productivity tools, team members are often better able to communicate and collaborate over video than standard phone calls or even during in-person meetings. For instance, during a video meeting, you have the ability to share and look over a document together in real time while still being able to see the facial reactions of your fellow collaborators.  

Online Learning is More Engaging Than Ever  

Not only did businesses turn virtual during the pandemic, but online learning itself has been able to expand more than ever before, offering engaging online video courses to anyone looking to learn a new skill. 

While video tutorials were already being incorporated into many online learning curricula pre-pandemic, they became the backbone of many e-learning courses across the board as video production became democratized. Subject matter experts with a webcam and a decent microphone were able to teach others in a way that was engaging and impactful. 

Any one of us at any time has the ability to learn something new from a simple search. When that knowledge is taught through a video, we are more likely to engage with and absorb the information. That’s why at Speaker Dynamics, we leverage video throughout every course in our Speaker Dynamics University series, where we help individuals become confident on-camera communicators. After all, what’s a better way to teach others how to be confident on camera than to literally demonstrate it ourselves?  

Preparing for a Video Driven World that Adapted to Being Suddenly Virtual 

No matter what work looks like post-pandemic, video communication will continue to play an important role.  Video for sales prospecting and conversion is only increasing in prevalence. Virtual meetings are the only way remote teammates can collaborate in real-time with their collocated colleagues. It’s a business imperative to put one’s best “face” forward when communicating through that little lens to communicate effectively and stand out. 

If you’re interested in continuing your journey toward becoming a more effective communicator on-camera, my book Suddenly Virtual can serve as the ultimate guide to success in a virtual world.  

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