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Get a Sneak Peek of My New Book: On-Camera Coach

By February 13, 2017March 2nd, 2017Uncategorized

Get a Sneak Peek of My New Book: On-Camera Coach

It happened more often than not.

I would wrap up an on-camera performance workshop and someone would ask if I had any book recommendations— additional reference guides so they could keep building their knowledge and skills.

The question stumped me because I didn’t know of any on the market that specifically addressed my brand of on-camera training.

Media training? There are a ton of books on how to deal with the media, broadcast, and print. Many of them are excellent, especially those written by former journalists. But that’s not what my on-camera performance training is about.

Acting on camera? You’ll find bookstore shelves stuffed with them, but my training isn’t designed to make business professionals into professional actors, quite the contrary.

My on-camera training teaches business folks how to communicate effectively through a camera, not to a camera. It’s not a performance but rather a conversation. And I could not find any book that spoke to that.

If you can’t find it, make it

So I wrote my own . . . with the full support, strength and credibility boost from John Wiley and Sons, the global publishing powerhouse.

On-Camera Coach: Tools and Techniques for Business Professionals in a Video-Driven World will complement my live training but also allows for a deeper dive than a one or two-day workshop allows.

Five years ago, I recognized that a growing segment of the business community needed to perform well on camera with the exploding landscape of media channels. Today, the need is even greater. Cameras are ubiquitous across the corporate landscape as a means to reach both internal and external audiences.

Think about it, from Skype interviews and virtual conferences to shareholder presentations and corporate YouTube channels, today’s business professionals need to master the art of on-camera presentation so they can deliver their messages clearly, effectively, and with confidence.

What’s more—even the most seasoned public speakers freeze in front the lens. Why? Presenting on camera demands an entirely new set of skills than the ones you use when presenting to an audience in the same room.

Insider Secrets and Personal Coaching

On-Camera Coach provides insider secrets and personal coaching from someone (me) who’s spent more than 20 years in front of the camera as a news anchor, host ,and professional spokesperson. It covers everything from the prep to the performance with topics such as:

  • Tailoring your presentation to on-camera demands
  • Discovering what to wear and what NOT to wear on camera
  • How a camera interprets body language
  • The MVPs of Performance Success (my version stands for the Mental, the Vocal and the Physical)

On-Camera Coach is available March 27. Published by Wiley, it will be available virtually everywhere books are sold: Amazon, Books a Million, and Barnes and Noble. You can even pre-order it at

There . . . now I can point people to at least ONE book.

If you’d like a sneak peek, I invite you to check out a free preview here:

I hope it resonates, and if it does, I’d love to hear about it. Please send any stories my way about how On-Camera Coach helped you communicate through the camera with ease.